Consent to Disclosure of Education Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides students with certain rights concerning access to, and the privacy of, their education records. FERPA requires the consent of the parent/guardian/student 18 or older prior to the release of personally identifiable student information. Unless an allowable exception applies, a student’s education record cannot be disclosed to a third party, including the student’s parent or guardian, without the student’s (or guardian— if under 18 years old) written consent.

This form indicates my understanding of FERPA and provides my consent for disclosure of Student’s education record to Restoration Foundation Project, its agents and personnel, and for those purposes and services related to the mentoring program.

This consent covers education records, including:

  • Student Permanent Record Summary;
  • Class schedules and attendance records;
  • Special Education Records, IEPs, and other related documents/records;
  • Standardized tests and placement assessment results;
  • Athletics and extracurricular activity records;
  • Student Summary evaluation and planning tools.

By signing this document, I am granting consent that school staff may discuss, share, and release the contents of my Student’s educational record with the above-named parties. I understand that I may revoke consent at any time by submitting a revised form.

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