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Thank you for your interest in Restoration Project Foundation's Mentor Program (RPFMP), a cooperative effort between the Restoration Project Foundation, charter schools, and local Mentors. This new mentoring initiative coordinates a one-on-one relationship for young people facing challenges in different areas of their lives and needing support to succeed.

To complete enrollment of your child (“Applicant”), a complete application packet must be received. Please call 864-778-2268 if you need assistance or would prefer a paper application. You must submit these documents before your Applicant can be enrolled with RPFMP. Thank you.

No Applicant shall be denied equal opportunity for admission on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, handicap, or national origin.

Any and all information requested in the application, such as language spoken at home or race/ethnicity is not intended, and will not be used, to discriminate.

**Your Applicant does not have a "seat" in our mentoring program until this application is submitted and approved. **

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